Monday, 12 May 2008

Another question

Mike Hitchen's hypocritical quote of the century: "But then again, I am not the one who continually writes about sex with children."

Oh, you're not? Hitchen, isn't it you who continually writes about tying a child to a ladder before whipping her and exploring her "Garden of Eden" and isn't it you who wrote about putting your filthy hands down Jack's pants to squeeze his testicles?

We didn't write it - YOU DID. Here and Here.

Second hypocritical quote of the century: "Why is it that without fail, you and your supporters make your allegations and outlandish allegations about me, hiding behind "anonymous"?

Hitchen, although we know the 'Identifying A Child at Risk' blog is yours because you copy and paste the same filth on your own blog, you do not actually use your own name on the libellous blogs. You are the one hiding behind "anonymous" making outlandish allegations!

Makes you think doesn't it?


Anonymous said...

Damn hypocrit!

How can he keep saying Jeremy writes about sex with children when it's Hitchen doing all the writing and all the links are posted on this blog?

It makes me so mad!

Anonymous said...

He's in denial stupid old get. Unless he's a senile old fart and can't remember...

No matter.

It's there for the world to see Hitchen wrote it all.

Anonymous said...

Oh you do hide away Hitchy! in your secret little forum.

And where did all your comments go eh Hitchy? and why is no one allowed to comment even to this day.

Anonymous said...

Hey Maggot, wasn't it you who used the name Anthony when you tried to find info on the famous Poet and blogger Jeremy Young? No one knows you as Anthony so don't even attempt to say it is your 2nd name, you were hiding you idiot.
You little runt with a capital C

Anonymous said...

Mike Hitchen - you are fooling nobody anymore. Your time is long up and I hope you realise that. And it is all your own stupid fault.

Anonymous said...

There is a cell with your name on it Hitchen.

Anonymous said...

Sheesh - all he does is write about sex and invents umpteen names for himself. Bitter, twisted senile Welsh git! all talk and no proof. Self acclaimed award winner of crap worthless trophies self nominated for. Con artist for $6 donations. Over 50 years old and lives with his Mother!!!! can't get an erection and is into very nasty sexual apology for a life and so jealous of those who have talent or have a normal life. This blog will still be going after he's died of old age and every time he currently posts we'll be watching ready to pounce. He's been asked many times to prove what he says about TFA and JKH and he ignores it - so no proof and that shows him to be a liar and he's tarred with that brush. Good.