Thursday, 29 May 2008

The Aussie and the Poet's Wife - chapter one Bradmoor

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Anonymous said...

He spent 25 years in Britain?? He emigrated as a young teen simply because mummyspanky (bitch from the gutters of Vienna, etc) and deardeaddaddy (the wannabee director who was hounded out by the government blah,blah)opted to move from Wales to Australia of their own choosing - I wish he would make his mind up as to the age he was when he left Wales.

Nice post Mike! Cleverly thought out, nicely worded, 95% embellished, good script, I'll give you 10 out of 10 for a carefully worded story line. But will anybody believe it? nah!!!

Anonymous said...

He would have gone to Aus when it cost 10 quid to get over there, they would take anyone in those days.

Anonymous said...

They were run out of Wales. We just need to find out why?

Anonymous said...

Whats that you say Hitchen? anything out in the open can't be used against you?

What a damn foolish idiot you are.

This blog owner has gathered all this evidence that has been written by you and you say it can't be used against you.

You have ruined yourself Hitchen with your openness.

You must be the biggest idiot to have ever walked this earth.