Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Mike Hitchen makes sick video of stillborn baby to blackmail West Yorkshire Police


Anonymous said...

I think its glaringly obvious that Hitchen can only derive sexual please from inventing stories about other people and trying to cause as much harm to them as he can. I have noted his latest post (which I suppose is aimed at further intimidation) but I am not even going to bother replying to this latest childish offering as he likes to see what trouuble his posts cause and I simply will not add fuel his very sick mind.

Anonymous said...

Bizarre photograph?

What bizarre photograph?

Perhaps you mean the one taken by a maternity nurse by way of a precious keepsake.

Nothing bizarre there at all. Its common practice in maternity units all over the world.

Only someone with a sewer for a brain and as ugly and twisted on the inside as they are on the outside, like you Hitchen, could find something so nasty in something so very beautiful and heartachingly sad.

Anonymous said...

Lies, lies and more lies.


Anonymous said...

This is the most ridiculous thing I've ever read. Nobody in their right mind is going to take this lunatic seriously, happen they ever did.

I take it the police have been informed? Hitchen is really dicing with death figuratively speaking. He is not going to last much longer. The harder he pushes, the quicker his end will come.

Keep pushing Hitchen.

Anonymous said...

No wonder his brothers have disowned him.

Anonymous said...

Even Old Beelzebub himself would disown him!

Anonymous said...

Hey Supertroll, are you the graphic designer from Swansea that he's libelling? Are you really the blog owner here??

Anonymous said...

Talking of his unlucky bros, anybody been in touch with them guys? Ones peter hitchen.

Anonymous said...

You leave my brother out of this!

Anonymous said...

You're brother's fair game, Hitchen. He might not be anything to do with it but neither, and more importantly, is the precious memory of an innocent little baby.

Blog Owner said...

anon @ 14.12.

You're not Hitchen although you do come from Australia - wrong part though, unless you called in at Starbucks internet cafe on your way to the boy's school?

Worf said...

That sounds about right, blog owner, despite hitchen ranting on about never hiding behind proxies, fake ids etc.

Truth is, he's a wobbling cowardly custard who wouldn't dare show his real face here!

He reckons he has a slow internet connection because he's on dial-up. I don't dispute that, but it would be a darn sight faster if he switched off all his cloaking devices.

Anonymous said...

Hitchen never ever gives links to back up his lies so readers can see for themselvesthe links where he gets his information/findings from. He can't do that because he invents stories which he publishes with NO proof as no proof exists. His "believers" must be the most trusting cretins on this planet. Accept his every word and don't bother to check out on the WWW and there are so many links to check out Hitchens "facts" from.....what a myopic shower of pervs that he has surrounding him! Time they got wise and time he started to SHOW LINKS to his little stories attacking other I say, he can't as no proof happens to exist. Wake up you Hitchen arse lickers - wake up and check facts and links out for yourselves. There are no links. What on earth are you members like, apart from blinkered with an all time low IQ?

Anonymous said...

does anybody still believe what hitchen has to say? don't his followers check out links for themselves? is he still a WWW voice? I somehow don't think so anymore!

Anonymous said...

I would not mind reading Hitchen's comments if only he would back them up with links. problem is he can't because I think he is making everything up. He used to always comment and supply links to what he said but these days he simply drones on and on and he never offers the links which I consider proof (anyhow, anyone looking at the WWW likes to follow up from links he writes about) I therefore consider Hitchen to be a liar and is posting stuff which is purely the invention of his twisted mind. I am sure he'll start to post links again and prove me wrong and I welcome him that.

Anonymous said...

Taken from Primavera blog...

"What kind of fantasies do these women harbour about a monster like Fritzl? I am sure that the reality would totally destroy any and all of them. Strange or what?
The Austrian monster Josef Fritzl has received over 200 love letters in prison.

These are letters in which the women declare their love for him and explain that Fritzl is not evil and has a good heart"

Primavera these women harbour the same kind of fantasies as you do only yours are for a Pervert and Axe Murderer...No worries Hitchen and Hirst are not evil they are good at heart really.

You really are a vile excuse of a woman.

Anonymous said...

Hitchen and Primavera are perfect bedfellows!

Anonymous said...

I often think would Primavera have been so forgiving of Hirst had he splatted her mothers brains all over the place, somehow i think not.


If any of hers kids were groomed by Hitchen and had spanking sessions with him on a webcam, somehow i think not.


Anonymous said...

Fritzl! give it a few more years she will welcome him with open arms as well- she loves the PURE EVIL 'men' of this world.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear God. TFA and his wife had the enjoyment of the first signs of pregnancy and looking forward to the birth of their first born that would make their union complete.

Sadly their child (who was a daughter) was stillborn and I cannot comprehend the anguish or heartbreak of parents who had to bury a child who never breathed and whose Mother had to carry a corpse inside her and a Father who had to overcome his grief, back his wife and probably arrange a burial.

Then enter Hitchen who states quite factually that TFA and his wife killed their child....who encourages his few members to search for a death certificate and crows that there is not one (of course not, stillbirths are registered separately) then when TFA and his wife are blessed with a pregnancy to share and enjoy Hitchen decides to lie and contact people with his aim to have a child -still unborn - removed from his proud parents as soon as is possible.... and a few people still believe Hitchen?

These Hitchen members milk his every word and have no sufficient IQ to check out facts for themselves and to see the other side of the argument? The few blind followers that trust and believe that Hitchen states facts and need not bother to see the other side for themselves? Hitchen accused TFA in the first place of being a Portuguese journalist.
Hitchen cannot ever accept he was wrong so as soon as TFA put him right that he was not a Portugese journalist Hitchen invents stories to excuse himself, backed up by his blind low intelligence followers who can't be bothered to research WWW facts for themselves.

Meanwhile TFA and his wife and son are victimised thanks to Hitchen in an unproven campaign as he is not man enough to admit he for once got his original facts wrong. Inexcusable.

People like Michael Hitchen simply look for weaknesses in others to get money for themselves and to be briefly someone of the Internet importance. When they are wrong they don't have the face to even admit it but cover their lies with a web of deceit. What did TFA ever do to you Hitchen that was so wrong in your eyes? Apart from him reply that you got your story wrong about him and he was not Paulo Reiss?

Hitchen used to give links to his sources and now he rants tiresomely with no source for his original information – he certainly is a liar and he does not have the gumption or the honesty to say he was wrong about someone and to apologise.

He is floundering trying to invent situations that have not and will not exist. Meanwhile the happily married couple are the target for his latest invented unproven campaign/vendetta – I am so sorry for them and it is high time that the world was rid of wannabee liars like Hitchen who sees the world as his oyster full of innocent victims as a target to make him money, bring him fame and save him ever having to actually work for a living when he can live off PayPal donations in his Mothers apartment and she pays for his food, cooks his meals, cleans the home and pays for the electricity and heating. A middle aged man that still drains his elderly mother, has a flock of fans who don not check facts and wants to ruin a man's life simply because the man is happily married and has recently become a Father which will never replace the heartbreak of his first child but should be taken away to a place of safety seeing Hitchen has concocted a story without proof to try and achieve it for a couply who live thousands of miles away from him. I rest my case

Anonymous said...

Well said, poster at 13:53.

A Fan said...

Maggot is a pervert and talking out of his arse hole as per usual. He can't possibly make a video of Ethel. He knows nothing about her or her parents. Everything he spouts off is pure sh*t that he made up because he is a jealous bas*ard with no life of his own. He does his best to drag happy normal people down to his level, but never succeeds.
He spends his every waking moment wallowing in his hate filled mind.
He is hounding a man for no reason what so ever. Basing his accusations on a paranoid thought and will never be able to provide evidence to back up anything he mutters.
Let him swim in his own sh*t with his couple of like minded followers, one day soon they will all sufficate on their own venom.

Anonymous said...

I am not a "rag tag" nor am I part of anyones "army" I am just an ordinary Mum and Wife and just believe in justice for Maddy but you Mr Hitchen and Mr Hirst are not the kind of people to be speaking in her name.

A pervert and a murder speaking up for Maddy? NO! NO WAY can this continue.

Anonymous said...

Young has everything and Hitchen has nothing (except for his poor old mother). When she dies he'll have no-one at all. His jealousy is out of control.....sad , pathetic loser..

Anonymous said...

Trainwreck-Hitchen must be suicidal by now.

His slimy activities make me wonder if he's ever been involved with self-mutilation. He clearly exhibits
signs of complete despair and self-hate. Mikey needs to be restrained alright, and he *has* been, thanks to several interested parties including law enforcement, but he's gotten so out of control now he needs physical restraint.
As in, a straight-jacket

Anonymous said...

Trainwreck-Hitchen - ROFLMAO

Anonymous said...

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