Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Mike Hitchen and his accomplices discuss website suspension

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jkh said...

Actually, Mike, you didn't have it removed from my website at all. I removed it myself because it is an NHS website and your stuff is sickeningly perverted and had no place on that site. You simply don't have that power, I'm afraid.

It looks far better here amongst all the other shit that's been found about you.

Your filth has no place on an NHS website. In fact, your filth has no place on the internet and it would seem that TFA is working on that.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear Mike what a loser you are time and time again you get busted by these good people and time and time again you get caught out and there is nothing you can do about it, nothing!

You portray to your supporters your British stiff upper lip, but it isn't working!

It really is amusing to watch your downfall.

How much blood money have you made today?

Anonymous said...

'Mike Hitchen Consulting'
is back up

Anonymous said...

There's a good little boy Mike, you've done what the nice men and ladies at Bravenet told you which was to take down all the lies and filth you were spouting on your so-called business site of all places (Business, pah! Don't make me laugh).

Good boy Mike.

As for your blogs... a blog is a blog is a blog. Some are good and some are like yours... quite frankly a load of hokum. You know there's nothing anybody other than the police can do to get your blogs taken down. But what do you think made Barvenet act? THE POLICE - that's who made Bravenet act. Your blogs are only a matter of time - enjoy the sickness within them while you can.

You're quite rubbish really, aren't ya Hitchen?

Anonymous said...

Your reasons were totally sound for taking the link off your site JKH but it's almost tempting to shove them back up to prove what a liar he is.

Anonymous said...

Lovely! A large white space down one side of his web page.

Anonymous said...

Ha! Well, well Hitchen, TFA can take it and he's been very patient with you seeing you have been venting your spleen at him for almost a year and trying to destroy his's YOU who can dish it out but can't take it. One by one your blogs will be closed and you will vanish off the internet abandoned, unloved, friendless and broke.

Anonymous said...

I remember you taking that scum's link off your NHS site and even telling me why and that was ages ago. I backed your reasons then and I still do - typical Hitchen to take a situation that had nothing to do with him and invent he caused it. He never was unique.

jkh said...

Hi anons re taking Hitchen off my website.

I did think about putting the Hitchen crap back on there to prove him wrong, but the website comes up for renewal this week and I've already decided not to renew because I've transferred all the material to a blog. Why pay £79 for website hosting each year when a blog is free and I can update it myself rather than having to wait for someone else to do it for me?

Plus, Mike knows that whenever he publishes lies they're always disproved!

Besides, I'm not sure it actually says on the website who the webhost company is, so how could Mike write to them to have stuff removed?

I didn't know how to make a blog, and it's taken me a while to transfer all the stuff there, but now it's up and running I see no point having the website.

As you will see my NHS website at this link: now pretty much the same my blog

disabled lady said...

Your NHS website is read by the medical profession and also members of the public who have problems with the NHS and find your information and links invaluable,so why bring it into disrepute with linking anything to a paedo and a vicious piece of work who simply runs a blog as a money earner and also twists the truth? He is noted on the WWW as being a dishonest character and why he is still getting away with his lies I have no idea, but glad you are removing anything to do with him. He's only a scammer and I hope he has been reported.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand why they all don't give the spanking website names that they are all better known as - accomplices indeed! they are ALL fellow members of a very perverted blog that he posts on and they and he use umpteen aliases on the WWW. Nothing they say is credible, honest, trustworthy or proven but the comments do certainly conjour up many big laughs.