Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Jeremy Young's reaction to Mike Hitchen's sick video release

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Anonymous said...

I am so sorry that TFA has needed to spend valuable time in answering Mike Hitchens lies concerning his wife and child.

Anyone who does their homeork can easily find (with many links) just how Hitchen twists the truth and invents stories as if they were facual.

Hitchen is a liar, a cheat, a conman, a pervert, who remains a lonely financially poor single middle aged man who still has to live with his elderly Mother simply to survive (he has no job, no wife, no career and no future prospects) so it is easy to see an embittered man who hates successful people and finds it easy to still paste and post what paid journalists do on their tabloids or invent total lies on his free blog about others in the fervent hope to gain a small few hangars-on, notoriety or a second of fame and fortune and try and ruin others lives simply because they are sucessful where he is not and he never seemingly will be.

Thank heavens that most people on reaching middle age have got something to show for their being born. Mike Hitchen has achieved nothing. Who will be there to mourn his passing? Such a totally wasted life and one that will be ending in prison.

Anonymous said...

Isn't Tranny such a gentleman. He will always rise above the maggot.
Funny how maggots followers choose to ignore his lies. They all saw how this began. They all saw Trannys origional posts so they all know what maggot is saying in his latest shi*t, is lies.
Why do they ignore the lies and suck up to this sick pervert? Have they also been abused? Have they witnessed parental abuse? Are they so damaged that they can't function unless they are being abused and deceived? Are they so damaged that they are attracted to these axe murderers and perverts? What is wrong with these women? Surely there has to be a known medical name for what they suffer?
One thing for sure, they are not normal balanced independent women. They can't think for themselves nor make informed decisions. They rely on perverts and axe murderers to dominate them.

Anonymous said...

I imagine that when they are not sucking up to the welsh windbag maggot they are firing of letter after letter to blokes on San Quentin's row.

Anonymous said...

I imagine that when they are not sucking up to the welsh windbag maggot they are firing of letter after letter to blokes on San Quentin's death row!

Anonymous said...

So is this how it all ends with a Mexican stand-off?
Very unsatisfactory.

blog owner said...

Not sure it has all ended anon @ 12.51.

Hitchen has gone quiet, which is what we wanted. The police are doing what they have to do.

Jeremy is waiting for feedback from his MP.

At the moment there's nothing to report.

Hitchen has threatened to produce a video documentary about Ethel, but nothing is forthcoming on that front.

It seems to me that he's the one who's backed off because all we've done is post things in response to his lies and bullshit anyway.

Once Jeremy has a response from his MP then we can post something about that to disprove Hitchen's claim that Gerry Sutcliffe isn't involved. Well, actually, we don't even need to disprove that because Gerry Sutcliffe isn't involved anyway - because Hitchen wrote to the wrong person!

There's more than one MP in the UK.

Anonymous said...

WHAT? Maggot wrote to the wrong MP then made a huge deal about how they'd never heard of Jeremy Young??? That's gotta be the funniest damn thing I've heard in ages.

Maggot wrote to the wrong MP. That is just too funny for words. Making a huge song and dance about how everyone must be lying because they hadn't heard from him.

Sorry, just too funny. What an idiot that maggot is. Is anybody still taking him seriously?

Anonymous said...

About the only maggot-believers left are a handful of parasites on 3A's so desperate for 'inside information' the mere mention of Mike Hitchen gets them drooling.


well, mikey, all I can say is the deeper you bury yourself the better off this world will be.

Had enough yet, you
pitiful loser?

lol -- what's left of you and your dippy cult are about good for laughs anymore. :))

wrong MP LOL!

Richard Head said...

That's just too funny!

Hitchen you are entertaining, if nothing else, but your entertainment value has nothing to do with your wit or wordsmith skills!

A fool rather than a jester.